Cured Meat Chronicles #1 – post 3. Biltong Hybrid done and did!

I got to pull the Biltong out of the curing chamber yesterday! I just knew it was ready. It was dry and hard, yet still pliable if I tried to bend the long pieces. And much, much thinner than when it started out.biltongcure9days

The meat started curing on November 9th. My husband says the garage now smells like BO, but its cool. Maybe it will keep solicitors away if it permeates the walk way too? Wouldn’t that be grand? Curing meat keeps door knockers away! It would be a movement.

The sliced Biltong is translucent when you hold it up to the light, which means I rocked this! Next time, I am going to dial the salt cure back by about three days (and not forget about it in the first place), because it is dang salty. I am also going to use wine to wash the cure off with, instead of vinegar. Every once in a while I get a piece where the vinegar flavor just zings me.

But let me tell you about star of the show; the fat marble through this meat. Because it is Amaze. Balls. Seriously. I wanted to cut all the fat off and out as much as possible when I stated this venture, but I refrained because all the posts I’d seen on the net said a bit of fat in the meat is good. And Holy S are they not joking! It just melts in your  mouth and has the most exquisite texture and flavor. The fat marble won the day. I mostly just want to get the pieces with the largest amount of fat in them and gnaw it off. I now have an incessant need to make lardo. Do you think you could replace butter with lardo? If so, I’m down. Even if you can’t, I’m gonna.


You can see the recipe I used here:

And a mid-cure time update here:

4 thoughts on “Cured Meat Chronicles #1 – post 3. Biltong Hybrid done and did!

  1. Rhonda

    Oh, my husband has been telling me he wants to cure meet for so long now. I’m going to have to show him your blog. I’m sure he’s gonna love it and come up with all sorts of ideas!

    1. LaceyLacey Post author

      Hi Rhonda – me too! I have been wanting and talking about this for about a year now..and picked this recipe because it only took about a week to cure. If you follow recipes from other blogs, then start to completion it should only take about 10 days..I just forgot, twice, about the meat curing in the fridge. Good luck and let me know how it turns out!

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